Border Patrol Remix 7 381 208

The US border with Mexico is one of the most heavily guarded and dangerous borders in the world. Vigilantes, border patrols, Coyotes and people trying to get a better life all move in the same long shadow of NAFTA.

This remix of the fail Border Patrol is based on the 7 381 208 viewers comments on the clip. If it’s fake or not is not the main question but the response it got can tell us more about the society we are living in today.

But the hard reality is that when people finally manage to cross the border, they will find that The American dream will always be just that, a dream.

This clip was built as a video installation by Alex Veitch who is part of the video collective RåFILM. It was presented in Malmo, Sweden as a TV wall that was set up as a open border between two rooms.

Uploaded by: RåFILM
Hosted: vimeo