Animation Sara FriskEmbryo is an animated documentary based on intimate interviews with five women that have one thing in common – they have all had an abortion. With stories about choosing, or being forced into abortion, the film evoke thoughts about how things could have been, in what situation these women found themselves, and why abortion is taboo.

Produced, written, directed and edited by: Emma Thorsander
Animation: Emi Stahl, Helena Frank, Johanna Rubin, Olle Söderström & Sara Frisk
Sound design: Joel Rayner
Sound mix: Mattias Valenca
Dramaturg: Angela Bravo
Composer: Lea-Marie Sittler
Graphic Art: Produktion Produktion
Production: RåFILM

Embryo is produced supported by:
Reaktor Sydost, Filmbasen/Film Stockholm, Film i Skåne, Boost HBG & FilmCentrum Syd.

Distribution by Folkets Bio.

The first swedish screening will be at Göteborgs International Film Festival in January, 2014.