Hackitat i Japan

RåFILM är i Tokyo och filmar för filmen Hackitat – en film om politisk hacking.
Här är en kort rapport!


After the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster all the geiger counter to measure the radiation levels sold out. The group Safecast was started to build geiger counter and collect data of the radiation levels  in Japan. They saw a huge need of this data and also started to to collect data from other places around the world.

We meet the group Safecast in Tokyo and followed them to Akihabara Electric Town to find components to build geiger counter and also did a car drive to collect and see radiation levels in Tokyo city.

We also visited Tokyo Hackerspace to see what they was up to.



What compels some people to spend a lot of time and energy on setting up servers, creating programs and even committing crimes to help people in a dictatorship in another country to communicate freely?

Who are the people building a nation on the Internet and why are they doing it? How are the hackers in Bolivia working to integrate indigenous languages into computer software so that all people can access the technology?

Who are the hackers in the middle east that some call terrorists and some call freedom activists. What drives this activism and does anonymous in Bahrain share a common ideology with anonymous in Brazil?

Around the world there is a network of hackerspaces that explore, hack and create new ways of expressing themselves with technology. Hackerspaces that by some are seen as a threat to our digital society.

What is it that drives these people? What are their purpose and their reasons for what they do? How do they live their lives? These are some of the questions we will seek to answer with this movie as we meet hackers and visit their hackerspaces.