Seagull City will premiere on 24th of January at the Gothenburg International Film Festival!

Seagull City (Måsarnas Stad in Swedish) is finally ready! It will have its national premiere at the Gothenburg International Film Festival on 24th of January 2015!!

This is how the festival describes the film:

They are constantly present in the townscape. They hover high above our heads, ready to dive. But how does our world look from their perspective? The Seagulls play the leading part in this wistful and beautiful portrait of a city.

The film was recorded in Malmö during some weeks in the summer of 2013. It has been both challenging and fun to spend time on roofs and terraces, and to have birds as main protagonists has been an extraordinary task. Before and during the filming, I’ve had great help from Vanja Torp (dramaturgist), Erik Bäfving (editor) and Oskar Idin, who helped out with the tecnical part. In post production Nils Olsson (sound design) and Christine Hals (music) have been essential to the process. That also goes for Jan Jansson (aerial camera).

The screenings during the festival take place on:

Saturday 24/1 at 19.45 in the venue Folkteatern

Thursday  29/1 at 10.00 in the venue Haga 1

Sunday  1/2 at 12.30 in the venue Haga 1


Hope to see you at the premiere!

/Sascha, director and producer