Hit Music – Rhythm of the Revolutionary

Starting in the footsteps of Red Beans (Röda Bönor), a pioneering folk rock band of the Swedish 70’s social movement, the filmmaking collective RĺFILM delivers a history through music beyond the pop star frenzy and naked skin. The Red Bean’s conviction that music can be the path to a better world is something that in the light of the superficial 21st century music industry seems far away. But straying away from the hit lists you’ll find that there is a brighter side to this picture. Appearing in this film, internationally renowned artists Le Tigre, Linton Kwesi Johnson and Chicks on Speed, show that you still can raise your voice and sing about an ever so unjust world. Returning to Sweden of today this spirit echoes through artists like Laleh, MJM Propaganda and Radical Cheerleaders. ‘Hit Music’ is a story about music’s power to change things, a film stating that there’s more to the music scene than X-factor; that you can retain control of your creative achievements and succeed!

Documentary, 2007, 28 min, RåFILM, Sascha Fülscher / Oskar Idin / Alex Veitch / Anna Weitz / Anna Klara Åhrén