3 Stolen Cameras were censored the days before the premiere in Beirut

RåFILM and Equipe Media are shocked to learn that the Censorship department in Lebanon did not approve a screening permit just some days before the world premiere for the film 3 Stolen Camera at Beirut International Film Festival in Lebanon.

”It’s the first time we get a movie censored and now it was our the world premiere of it.” says RåFILM’s member Alex Veitch who worked with the film.

3 The Stolen Cameras talks about the assaults that take place in the Occupied Western Sahara, which Morocco has controlled since 1975. Morocco has set up a medialock, which means that almost no information reaches the outside world. The only images that find their way out of the territory are the ones Equipe Media manages to film in secret, hiding on roof tops and risking severe consequences.

”This shows how sensitive it is to even mention the hidden occupation of Western Sahara. We will work to find other ways to spread the film so it reaches out despite censorship.”, Says Alex Veitch.

RåFILM and Equipe Media are highly concerned by this act of censorship which offers unique footage of human rights violations in the occupied Western Sahara.  Western Sahara, which is Africas last colony, remains under covered because of the media blockade imposed by the Moroccan authorities. This means that Morocco successfully implement its media block on platforms for enlightenment and education internationally.

More information about the film is available at www.3stolencameras.com

Information from the Beirut International Film Festival:

“3 Stolen Cameras” has been censored