ASYLUMINFO.SE – new platform for legal information on change of tracks

More and more people are denied asylum because the swedish migration law has become harsher and more unjust.
For many asylum seekers in Sweden, making a ”change of tracks” (spårbyte) has been the only possibility left to get a Swedish residence permit. But what is a change of tracks and how can you make it?

In 2006 the swedish migration law was changed so that it became possible for an asylum seeker whose application has been rejected to apply for a work permit instead. This ”change of tracks” implies that the person changes from one legal status, asylum seeker, to another: worker.
Unfortunately the rules about chaning tracks is complicated and it is easy for both asylum seekers and their employers to make mistakes. But it is possible! Asylum rights activists and legal practitioners have joined forces and created a plattform,, with video lectures, to make information and knowlege about the process accessible, so that less mistakes are made.

On our home page you will find lectures in english, with english and swedish text. We will continously update the homepage in case of any changes.
We hope to expand the plattform with more lectures about the asylum process as a whole. But we need your help! Read more on our homepage and get in contact with us.

The work permit has become a lifeline for many who cannot return to their home countries. Hopefully these lectures and our home page can help those who offer legal councelling and asylum seekers who want to prepare for a change of tracks.

On the way to a world without borders – we still need to find holes in the fences!