RåFILM is a Swedish collective of filmmakers that connect film and activism. Through collaboration we facilitate the production of films that address social issues and have a norm-critical approach.

We do documentaries, animations and fiction film in different formats, organize campaigns and work with educational projects. The organization was founded in year 2000 and now has offices in Malmö and Stockholm.

Over the years our work has been screened and awarded at festival around the world and broadcasted on TV. We also create alternative screening events, often site-specific and related to the topic of the film.

Among our partners are the Swedish Film Institute, Film i Skåne, Filmbasen/Film Stockholm, BoostHBG, Film Centre, ABF, Transit culture incubator, SVT, Glocal Folkhögskolan, JAK, Fair Travel, Network for a Free Western Sahara Network Visit a bank, the Swedish Institute.


RåFILM‘s members are:

Alex Veitch

Anna Klara Åhrén

Brigitta Kontros

Oskar Idin

Sascha Fülscher

Tommy Tomellen Boije

Charlie Kronberg

Anna Johansson

Talat Bhat

Susanne Ovelius

Alina Abdullayeva

Emie Eva-Marie Elg

Cecilia Paulsson

Johanna Wagner

Annika Fredriksson

Marie Hallberg

Caroline Leuhusen

Sofia Styrman

Lars Lovén

Sabina Zupanc

Maja Moberg

Simon Revilla

Anna Weitz

Erica Elfström

Mikael Lindahl